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TOTAL SUPPLY 100,000,000

26 million burned

Buy/Sell Fee Distribution

Whenever there is a buy or sell transaction within our system, a fee of 6% is applied. Here's a detailed breakdown of how this fee is allocated:

2% returned to Token Holders as LP Tokens: This portion of the fee is distributed back to token holders in the form of Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. This encourages and rewards long-term holding of the tokens. In essence, the longer you hold the tokens, the more LP tokens you accumulate, which can benefit you over time.

4% used for LP Staking, ETH Rewards, Development, and Token Burns: This part of the fee has multiple purposes. It is allocated for:

  • LP Staking: Some of it is dedicated to liquidity pool (LP) staking, which can provide rewards to participants who contribute to the liquidity of the platform.

  • ETH Rewards: It can be used to provide rewards in Ethereum (ETH) to participants in the ecosystem.

  • Development: A portion of the fee supports ongoing development efforts, ensuring the platform remains secure and up-to-date.

  • Token Burns: The fee is also used for periodic token burns. Token burning involves permanently removing a certain number of tokens from circulation. This practice reduces the total token supply, making the protocol deflationary.

The periodic burning of tokens makes our protocol super deflationary, adding long-term value to your investment

Token burning reduces the overall supply of tokens, creating scarcity. When the supply decreases, and if demand remains constant or increases, the value of each remaining token tends to rise over time. This adds long-term value to your investment because the tokens you hold become more valuable as they become scarcer. In essence, the fee distribution mechanism is designed to benefit both short-term and long-term token holders while making the protocol more deflationary and potentially increasing the value of your investment over time.

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